2020 | Drama, mystery

Directed, writing by Katerina Nova
Produced by Katerina Nova, Vladimir Gordeev
Executive producer Valeria Alyuskina
Cinematography by Alexandr Kuznetszov
Art Direction by Vladimir Gordeev
Film editing by Roman Kuznetz
Music by Noah Sherrin
Makeup by Elena Grigorieva
Production Design by Nadezhda Kosinskaya
Sound producer Javi Belze
Sound recordist Anna Leontieva
Photographer Leonid Shadevsky

Cast: Alina Nikolskaya, Anton Moskalev, Eugene Jusq, Vladimir Gordeev, Oleg Zaitzev


Storyline: A dark story set in a lonely house by a pond.  The young artist faces her fears and inner experiences after leaving an unhealthy relationship.  "Cruel" love can lead to unpredictable development of events, and this is not always an objective reality. The film analyzes the themes of love, fear, and tragedy of the modern world.


2014 | Drama 

Directed, writing by Katerina Nova
Produced by Zoya Skaya
Cinematography by Zack Yan
Editing by Takahisa Shiraishi     
Music by Jérémie Lhomme
Art Direction by Naimah Qazi

Cast: Georgia Reed, Alec Bell.


Storyline: The life of an ambitious young writer changes forever after she meets a ballet dancer who lost her vision in a tragic accident, but still continues to dance.



2013 | Comedy, sci-fi, thriller, experimental

Directed, writing, editing by Vladimir Gordeev
Based on the novel "Schrödinger's Cat" by Anton Botev
Cinematography by Oleg Zaitzev, Vladimir Gordeev, Anton Botev, Maria Boteva
Visual effects by Oleg Zaitzev
Artist: Alexandra Speranskaya

Cast: Anton Botev, Yuri Gordeev, Maria Boteva, Oleg Zaitzev, Vladimir Gordeev


Storyline: Einstein is alive! A professor of quantum mechanics sends a student to search for Einstein in the quiet northern town of Pitkyaranta, threatening with an armageddon if the task fails.

2017 | Science fiction, mystery, surrealism

Directed, writing, editing by Vladimir Gordeev
Cinematography by Oleg Zaitzev, Vladimir Gordeev
Visual effects by Dmitriy Fedotov, Oleg Zaitzev

Cast: Oleg Zaitzev, Vladimir Gordeev, Anna Okatova, Anna Tarbaeva, Irina Komarova


Storyline: Gardening near St. Petersburg is experiencing an alien invasion. Nobody cares.


2015 | Spy, romance, drama

Directed, writing by Katerina Nova
Cinematography by Ryan Broomberg
Music by Slavomir Kowalewski
Editing by Takahisa Shiraishi 
Production Design by Gladys Rodriguez

Cast: Riley Smith, Zoya Skya, Frank Ashmore


Storyline: In Paris during World War I, the notorious femme fatale Margreet, a Dutch exotic dancer-courtesan and a French Officer fall madly in love until he's told she spies for Germany.


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